Whenever a product is purchased it should be stored in a place before it gets dispatched to the end user. A mattress warehouse is a place where they store the finished mattresses before sending them off to the retailers or the customers. This is to make sure that the mattresses are maintained in a good quality and shape like they were manufactured. Inappropriate warehousing of any product may cause damage to it and it is most likely to be returned by the customer because of poor quality. Most of the items should be stored in a clean and a dry place. Only some of the fresh items like vegetables and other eatables should be stored in places that are subjected to careful temperature control. When mattress warehouses are considered, they should be free of dust, moist and dirt. Many manufacturers have their own warehouses while some have third party warehousing solutions. This happens only when the manufacturer does not have a storage space that is big enough to accommodate all the products they manufacture. When the product is stored for an order that needs to be dispatched later on the use of warehouse is necessary. These are some of the reasons to have a mattress warehouse.