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Forklifts will malfunction when they face electrical faults

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Now that’s the sort of attention-grabbing title for an article I like! But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s synchronise ourselves and make sure we are all singing from the same song book:
The mango is a juicy stone fruit belonging to the genus of species Mangifera”. The majority of these species are found in nature as wild mangoes. They are native to South and Southeast Asia, but have grown significantly in popularityand are now distributed worldwide to become one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics. Highest concentrations of mango orchards can be found in Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Burma and India. It is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines and the national tree of Bangladesh. It is so important that in several cultures, its fruit and leaves are ritually used as floral decorations at weddings, public celebrations and religious ceremonies. Did I say that they also taste great? But there is a slight impediment to enjoying a mango the moment you get one from the fruiterers or supermarket: The skin.
Mangoes are tricky. They have really thin skin that is the devil’s own job to peel off and they have a huge, flat pit running right down the middle that seems to get in the way of almost everything. Their tough, pumice-like core is tricky to navigate because it’s concealed deep within the fruit and is bigger than you might think. Forget orange peel or anything so thin. But there’s hope for us. A new fruit interrogator on the scene and he’s recorded a video that shows us how the Mango’s tender sweet flash may not be as inaccessible as we feared.
The video is from someone who calls himself “CrazyRussianHacker”. And there’s no hacking and slashing where his technique is involved. He shows you how to deal with a mango’s peel by using a glass. In the video you see him first cut the fruit along its pit. Next you use the edge of a glass to separate the fruit from the peel. How? You simply place the rim where the skin meets the fruit, and push the mango down the side of the glass. The skin peels off in one piece. It’s as simple as that. Honestly. Watch the video. Why didn’t anyone discover this before?
There’s another way to do it as well. And there’s another video that shows you how (check the link). This one asks that you pick the ripest mango (one that gives a little bit when pressed near the stem end).
After locating the large flat pit you cut along either side of it. Next, as shown in the video, you have two options: One is to peel the mango first and then slice it, and the other is slicing first and then removing the skin. If you choose option one, once you’ve removed the mango flesh, you can slice or dice it up. If you chose option two where the skin is still attached, you can score cubes into the flesh and turn it inside out which looks better but is a little trickier.
So here you have two ways to impress your friends by showing them there’s more than one way to skin a cat… I mean mango!

Carb backloading is a word that is increasingly bandied about these days. It’s a sort of diet, but one where you lose fat and keep your muscles fuelled with carb “backloading”. Clear? No, well let’s go into more detail:
You eat little during the morning (and that may mean skipping breakfast) and again little in the early afternoon hours, but then feast at night. You eat little-to-no carbs (no carbohydrates is better) until after your late afternoon or early evening workout. So your carb intake begins with your post-workout meal and it can continue throughout the evening.
This style of dieting takes advantage of the natural daily fluctuations in insulin sensitivity in muscle and fat cells, as well as the exercise-induced increase in insulin sensitivity in muscle cells. So what? Well, research has demonstrated that insulin sensitivity in both muscle and fat cells is higher in the morning than the evening, which means that both muscle and fat cells will be more receptive to glucose earlier in the day. This is good in the case of muscle (because more glucose absorbed into the muscles will produce a better performance in the gym), and bad in the case of fat (the glucose will be absorbed into the fat cells and so more fat storage).
So you use this understanding by not eating carbs when your body is best able to store them (morning and afternoon), but you eat them later in the day, after working out, when your body will store them as glycogen in your muscles: You don’t gain weight but you build your muscles.
You have to have some commitment to carb backloading to make it work. You may have a busy lifestyle- and up until now have been going to the gym in the morning or at lunchtime. That’s not going to work if you want to pursue carb backloading. Also, you need some energy during the day in order not to faint with exhaustion when you turn up at the gym at 6pm! Obviously no carbs, but you’ll need to get some energy into your body. The other things as that whilst you can have your carb backload feast after your workout, you should still only consume your daily limit of carbohydrates. A sackful of potatoes and doughnuts will ruin the whole thing!
So here’s a one day mini-programme for you to try. Obviously you’ll need to vary your carb backloading diet for the rest of the week and onwards, but this is a taster so you can see what’s involved.
This one is based on the facts that: Chicken is a great source of vitamin B3, which prevents fat storage. Prawns contain protein and vitamin B12, to help you build muscles with exercise. Rice is carb central to help you build muscle after your evening workout,whiletomatoes will give you a dose of bone-strengthening vitamin K.That all adds up to a great paella dinner. Here’s your food routine through the day-
For Breakfast
A mushroom and spinach omelette will providefibre and essential amino acids to start your day off. No full English breakfast obviously! I assume you know how to cook and omelette?
For Lunch
Tuna salad with avocado and black olives and maybe a little sweetcorn will be packed with protein to build muscles and unsaturated fats to keep your heart healthy ready for your workout, which comes later in the afternoon- say between 5pm and 7pm
For Dinner
Paella (this serves 3-4 adjust portions appropriately if you’re only cooking for yourself)
1tbsp olive oil / 2 chicken breasts / 4-6 chicken wings / 2 cloves garlic, crushed / 1 red pepper, sliced / ½tsp smoked paprika / 300g paella rice / 200g chorizo / 1 litre chicken stock / 8 cherry tomatoes, halved / Pinch of saffron / 400g can cannellini beans / 50g frozen peas / 12 prawns / 12 mussels
Warm the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat.
Add the chicken and fry, turning occasionally, until it’s lightly browned on all sides.
Add the garlic, peppers, paprika and rice and fry for two to three minutes.
Add the chorizo, stock, cherry tomatoes and saffron and cook for ten minutes.
Add the cannellini beans and peas and cook for a further ten minutes.
Add the seafood and cook for an additional ten minutes. If the liquid fully reduces, top up with boiling water to ensure the paella doesn’t dry out and stick.

Unless you’ve been on the Moon for this year, you must have noticed a trend in hair styles away from long hair and towards bobs, shags and pixie cuts. You can see it on the red carpets and on the runways, in the malls and the parks. Perhaps it’s a rebellion or a backlash against season after season of extensions, andlush lustrous lioness-maned starlets. Or perhaps it’s a conspiracy by hair stylists getting paid by the snip! It seems that the Anne Hathaway look has taken over Hollywood. So what about you?
The first law of getting a short hair cut is… Don’t cut it too short- at least to begin with. Start off with a bob and see how that suits you, then if you want you can go shorter still. Going shorter in stages is a safer way than starting off with a radical short cut, not liking it, and then having to wait weeks or months for your hair to grow back again!
There is a way to commit to a shorter hair style, while keeping a sort of insurance policy- keep your hair longer on to. Because then you can sweep your hair to the side, part it in the centre, create waves or simply pull it back. It enables you to be versatile with your short hair and do more things with it. It will also help you look good by compensating for a square jaw or round face.
If you think you may have unruly hair, or colour changes that were masked when you had long hair, then you may want to consider a keratin treatment before going short for more control. Combined with this is the issue of colour. Going to short hair is likely to alter your colour if you have highlights. Be wary of getting highlights at the bottom of a pixie cut- they can look a bit stark and clunky. If you don’t know what a pixie cut is, see below.
You should also visit your hairdressing salon just as often, if not more often than you did when you had long hair. Short hair needs a lot of maintenance if you want to keep it in tip-top shape.
Finally you’ll want to experiment with make-up. Because more of your face is on show, you may feel tempted to go for more make-up. But just try one or two things different, at least to start with. Perhaps a new vibrant lip gloss and a different eye make-up to your usual preference.
For those that want some clarification, a pixie cut is a short hairstyle worn by women, generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. Think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday in the late 1950s; she probably sported the first ever pixie cut. Later on we had Twiggy and Mia Farrow with that style too. Generally pixie cuts are pretty easy to maintain and sustain and look good all year round.