An orthodontist can be said as a type of dentist who works with retainers, braces as well as other devices that helps in treating the teeth and correct the jawline.

Align jaws and straight teeth create a beautiful smile. When your jaw and teeth are properly aligned, it can help you to choose the food easily. Orthodontic care is helpful in preventing the problem of snoring.

If your kid is suffering from misalignment of teeth, it is always suggested to take him to an orthodontist. Generally, when it comes to teeth issues, we always think about visiting a dental clinic. But there are few factors related to teeth that need expert assistance. Alignment of jaw or teeth for placing veneers needs the service of an orthodontist.


When should you take your kid to an orthodontist?

There is no age for visiting an orthodontist. Your kid may be 6 years old; but the service of an orthodontist becomes unavoidable. It depends on the kind of tooth problem your kid is suffering from.

As for the expert views, a kid should visit an orthodontist in Chennai before the age of 7 years old. This helps to detect oral health problems, if any, at an early stage. Visiting an orthodontist does not mean that your kid will get braces immediately. He will just spot out the problem, if any, and let you know the best time to start with the treatment.