People often forget that your skin is an organ and like any other organ of the body it needs looking after. While you may have the most sensational lipstick shade known to man, and eye-shadow to show off your peepers, the foundation of your face is your skin. It’s vital that you look after it, especially when there’s so much around that can adversely affect it. We are talking heat from the sun, rain water, cigarette smoke and more. There are so many enemies out there that one sometimes wonders how we do not all end up with dry wrinkled flaking skin by the time we are twenty! Here are six steps to take you on a journey to having glowing gorgeous dewy skin.
First of all you have to have a moisturiser. If you were on a desert island and you could have only one item of make-up with you, what would you take? Lipstick? Blusher? No. You would have to have a moisturiser. It is absolutely essential as a first step in anyone’s make-up routine. It gives your skin hydration and nutrients and provides a robust first layer for other skin products. There are many fine moisturisers out there, so choose your favourite!
Next up is the primer. It will be good to get one that gives your skin a luminescence and a glow. The best primers seem to show through your foundation as though your skin is lit from underneath. L’Oréal Magic Lumi Primer is a favourite of my girlfriends- check it out!
Talking about foundations, you need to get a good quality foundation to achieve that fresh-faced vibrant skin glow. It’s best to go for one that is thin and rubs in well, to avoid you looking like you’ve got a mask on! Nars Sheer Glow has a very thin consistency and so will do the business beautifully. Or try L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi foundation. However if you have dry skin, go for a moisturizing foundation instead.
Then there’s your powder. If, like me, you have somewhat oily skin then go for a translucent powder which will take away any excess shine. But if you have dry skin, you won’t need any powder
The blusher is next. I always prefer a cream blush rather than a powder. Powder can dry your skin whereas a cream will give extra hydration and melt into your skin rather than just lie dormant on top of it.Makeup Forever HD Cream Blush is a good product, but there are plenty of others to experiment with. Make sure you get one to complement any skin tone.
Finally we come to the highlight of the facial glow experience- the highlighter!My friends swear by the L’Oréal Magic Lumi Highlighter pen but I am sure you’ll have your fave highlighter already sorted. Apply it to your cheeks top lip and nose- the places where the sun would naturally shine on your face.
Now check out yourself in the mirror- your skin should have a healthy, radiant glow. Dewy skin gives you a more youthful appearance and keeps your face looking three dimensional from any angle rather than flat and wooden.