In India, the citizens of the country should follow the rules and laws of legal marriage declared by the Government. In that, a person who is getting married must register his/her marriage in the register office as per the marriage act. Register Marriage is a completeness of marriage formalities that shows the source of the legal life to the parties. The Register Marriage is registered under the laws of each religion in India. Each religion has individual marriage act such as

  • Hindu marriage act for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs
  • Christian marriage act for Christians
  • Muslim marriage act for Muslims
  • Parsi marriage act for Parsis
  • Special marriage for all religions commonly and
  • Foreign marriage act for foreign people

These all religions have common rules in the Register Marriage

  • A bride should complete 18 years age and bridegroom should complete 21years age (this is not applicable to Muslims and Parsis, they can contract the marriage under those age with guardian consent when they attain the age of puberty).
  • The parties should register the marriage in front of the registrar/officer along with their parents, guardians or witness consent to put signature as a witness of both sides of the parties.
  • These acts are applicable to all the Indians of the territory areas (excluding Jammu & Kashmir state).
  • The parties both husband and wife should have the ability to give valid consent of the marriage with their mental capacity.