How to Measure a Mattress?

Many people head to a local store to buy a mattress for their new home or to replace an existing one. But, they need to look for factors like quality of the fabric, aesthetics of the mattresses to suit the décor of a room, quality foam, number of layers, thickness of the foam, waterproof and durability of the mattress.
Dimensions play a vital role when choosing a mattress for a cot in your home. You may be choosing a foldable bed to accommodate guests in a small room. All these require careful measurement of the mattress before placing an order.
How to measure a mattress to choose the best one for your home?
You can make use of a ruler to measure a mattress from bottom to the top edge since springs and mattresses are available in different depths. It is suggested not to press down the mattress for accurate measurements.
Common mattress sizes are given below:
• Dimensions of the full size mattress are 54 inches x 74 inches
• Dimensions of a queen size mattress are 60 inches x 80 inches
• Dimensions of a twin size mattress are 39 inches x 75 inches
• Dimensions of a king size mattress are 78 inches x 80 inches
You can measure the above dimensions depending on the type of chosen mattress considering your budget and need and place an order.

Safe Body to Body massage centre in Pondicherry

Any type of massage is good for releasing the toxins out of the body. It involves rubbing of muscles, tendons and deep tissues. There are special techniques to manipulate the stress and detox the body. One such popular massage is a body to body massage. It is not limited to hands but special techniques are followed to give a complete massage. It has multiple benefits. It revitalizes body and calms mind to give psychological benefits. But prior to getting your reservation at Body to Body massage centre in Pondicherry, make sure it is certified and has the best experts. Though massage techniques are no more limited to clinics, it is important to get the centre reviewed before you choose one. Also, it is crucial to check if you have any medical condition which you must discuss with the professional. The massage done should reduce your stress levels and manage the anxiety. The body to body technique is famous for alleviating pain from the body. Make sure the Body to Body massage centre in Pondicherry provide you the choice of masseur. The place must be private and should be enough spacious with ambience on point. Choose the best to get the best results.

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